Digital Outdoor Advertising
Programmatic Advertising for Small Business.

A New Era of Smart Advertising Programmatic digital out of home brings the efficiency of online advertising to Amman’s street digital screens: A simpler, faster, and more targeted way for brands to communicate with their customers through premium outdoor advertising billboards in the city’s most strategic locations – all in real time, with higher return on investment (ROI).

Programmatic Outdoor​

•Display high quality content that on street screens to reflects positively on your brand.
•Grab attention by pushing your brand messaging with dynamic creatives in real-time using Seagulls’ best digital screens in Amman.
• Discover digital billboard advertising costs and optimize your campaign by using state-of-the-art programmatic granular data.


Setup and run your programmatic outdoor campaign on street digital screens with a few clicks

Take control of your campaign

Take Control

• Book the right campaign for the right budget.
• Optimize your campaigns in real-time based on your marketing and brand messaging needs.
• Update your campaign instantly.
• Change your dynamic campaign creatives as needed.

Expand Your Reach

• Achieve higher reach and conversion for your brand through a multi-channel strategy by combining digital programmatic outdoor with your social media campaigns
No Minimum For Campaign Booking ​

No Minimum Booking

• No minimum for campaign booking.
• No minimum booking.
• No minimum spends.
• No contracts.
• Free campaign cancellation.
• Clear and transparent pricing.
Precision In Targeting​ Your Campaign

Precision Targeting

• Hyper-Contextual advertising: Target
•the right audience, at the right time, in the right context.
• Search based on Points of Interest (POI) (e.g. hotels, restaurants, hospitals, etc.)
• State-of-the-art granular data and trigger-based advertising: impressions on your campaign based on optimal time of day and high-traffic data in strategic locations.
• Access your campaign performance report and optimize in real-time.

Book Now!

• Run your targeted, Hyper-Contextual campaign within minutes using state-of-the-art granular data and POI.
• Push brand messaging using dynamic creatives.
• Check your real-time Campaign performance report and optimize instantly according to your brand needs.

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